Thursday, 22 February 2018

First Footsteps

What are Pax Stones?

The planning for this blog has been many years in the making. In fact, the earliest stages were around 1986. You will say that over 32 years ago blogging and the Internet hadn't even been thought of. That's true but that year was the one when the first Pax Stone was collected. Since then, many more have joined the collection from all over the world.

Exactly as the name suggests - stones for Peace. It is a real collection, not just some random made up idea. They exist and you will see them. This is the first step of what will be a long journey.  You'll find out the story behind a collection of small stones, all of which were picked up personally in a place where, at some time in the past, some injustice to mankind had taken place. It could be war, slavery, genocide or a whole myriad of different issues which challenged the peace of our planet and its people. Equally, though, some of those stones are taken from places where peace can be found, where such evil is not threatened at the present time. And that is the significant term - at the present time. So many of these stones were found in places of extreme beauty and yet such evil took place in their sight - if only they had eyes! Who knows what will happen in the future?

So why embark on such a project? It's simple. It's a reminder to all of us that what happened in the vicinity of those stones, whatever they are or wherever they are, must never happen again and if, in our own small way, we can remind people of that and some evils are diverted, then the words on this site and this collection will be worthwhile.

Keep watching the blog for more.......